Infiniti Airbag System (SRS) Light: Why is it Illuminated?

What does it look like: A passenger sitting with seatbelt attached and a round circle in the passenger’s lap. In some vehicle’s “SRS” is illuminated in the dash.

What color is it: Yellow or red

What does it mean: The airbag system, or supplemental restraint system (SRS) light illuminates when a problem is detected by your Infiniti’s computers within the airbag control unit. An illuminated SRS warning light means that the system has been disabled and the airbags will not deploy in the event of impact.

What to do when it comes on: During vehicle start-up, this light will illuminate in the dash for a few seconds and then go out, which means the system is operating properly and it is safe to drive.

If the SRS light stays on after start-up or illuminates while driving, check to see if anything is interfering with the seatbelt click switch or if anything is piled up under the seat, which can damage the wires. If nothing is found, get into an independent Infiniti repair shop as soon as you can, to have an expert inspect and diagnose the problem. This is not something to be taken lightly, and it is safer to get this malfunction checked out by a qualified Infiniti mechanic than continue to drive with it on, putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

What steps need to be taken to turn light off: Once you bring your Infiniti to your local Infiniti shop, your mechanic will inspect the unit and the wiring, check codes, and make any necessary repairs.

Sometimes an illuminated SRS light means there is a problem with the sensor, or your airbags need to be reset (such as if you were recently in a crash, which triggered the sensors, but not to deploy), or there is a problem with the seatbelts. Other times there might be a recall on your airbags, so it is wise to check vehicle bulletins.